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Luis Apiolaza .:. Quantum Forest

Quantum Forest logs are written by Luis A. Apiolaza in Christchurch, New Zealand and powered by TextPattern.


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Concentrating all work in my wiki
Published 3676 days ago · Permalink

From now on I will post most updates to this site in the wiki side of things. The blogging thing will continue, but most of it will be done in the new version of Quantum Forest . For technical details of the—granted, very basic—new blog functionality please check the gory details.

In summary, I installed a PmWiki ‘recipe’ that provides basic blog functionality and, most importantly, makes referencing other pages in the wiki fairly easy. This provides me with more consistent ways of managing my information, and will also allow me to work a bit more in the ASReml Cookbook.


Testing new design
Published 3679 days ago · Permalink

I have uploaded a new design that I am testing for a few pages, including the about section of the blog. Once I get rid of all the little bugs it will become live.

I made available the colour scheme in kuler, a color scheme site owned by Adobe. Just search for ‘oldtimers’ and you will find it.


Renovating site
Published 3713 days ago · Permalink

I have not posted anything for almost 70 days: my long walk in the desert. There will be some changes to the site coming, I hope, within one month or so.


I do run ASReml in a mac
Published 3782 days ago · Permalink

For quantitative geneticists and breeders out there: ASReml runs OK in any mac with Intel processor and Parallels. You can find some comments on using it in the ASReml Cookbook.

Incidentally, SAS works OK in a mac using Parallels too. However, I am enjoying R a lot more.


Finished moving hosts
Published 3783 days ago · Permalink

I needed to move a wiki (PmWiki), a blog (Textpattern) and a content management system (Drupal) to the new host.

Most of the move was relatively painless: downloaded the file structures from the original host using Transmit (FTP client for the mac), exported data bases from the old host (for Textpattern and Drupal), uploaded the file structure to the new host (using Transmit again), created databases in the new host, imported the databases in to the new host, and checked that things were working using a mirror of the new site. The latter was to avoid down time while changing the name servers.

Moving files and creating databases went without problems, but there were a few hiccups:

In all, my three sites in the domain were not working perfectly well for around 12 hours. Completely painless? No, but perfectly acceptable.


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