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This section has been unmaintained for a while. New updates available in my Twitter page.

Interesting world statistics: Worldometers. 2008–01–16.

Aiming to learn this year: basic Brazilian Portuguese. 2008–01–08.

Posted in Spanish: Caricaturas (caricatures). 2008–01–03.

Posted in Spanish: Regalo tardío (late gift). 2007–12–31.

Posted in Spanish: 2007 en listas (2007 in lists). 2007–12–29.

Posted in Spanish: Plano de luz (light plane). 2007–12–28.

Posted in Spanish: X te mandó saludos (X sent his greetings). 2007–12–28.

Posted in Spanish: ¿De qué voy a escribir hoy? (What am I going to write about today?). 2007–12–28.

Posted in Spanish: Eucaliptos (eucalypts). 2007–12–10.

Posted in Spanish: Piratas (pirates). 2007–12–07.

Posted in Spanish: Palabras extrañas (strange words). 2007–12–03.

Posted in Spanish: El punto no es conocimiento (knowledge is not the point). 2007–11–27.

Posted in Spanish: Albahaca (basil). 2007–11–27.

Doing: writing documents. Completed a report and an opinion piece. Now working in a paper for a journal. 2007–11–23.

Word to play for a week: anchorite, a A person who has withdrawn or secluded himself from the world; usually one who has done so for religious reasons, a recluse, a hermit. Definition from OED. This would be an anacoreta in Spanish. 2007–11–23.

Posted in Spanish: Midiendo una dirección (measuring a direction). 2007–11–21.

Finished reading: The black swan: the impact of the highly improbable by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Very interesting, displaying a fair amount of erudition (I am a sucker for Borges’s quotes) and easy to read. Best part: the list of references at the end of the book. I finished with the intention of reading some of them. 2007–11–13.

Posted in Spanish: Viaje por la cresta del mundo (Trip to the middle of nowhere — this is a very lax translation). 2007–11–10.

Posted in Spanish: Taxonomía de muertes (taxonomy of deaths). 2007–10–29.

Posted in Spanish: Por una vida análoga (for an analogue life). 2007–10–24.

Listening: Pichanga by Congreso. Now playing ‘Y que respeten los derechos del niño’: Moving and beautiful. 2007–10–16.

Listening: Dalai Beldiri by Yat-kha. Fascinating combination of Tuvan throat singing and rock. 2007–10–10.

Posted in Spanish: Paraíso urbano (urban paradise). 2007–10–08.

Observation: Need for modesty: NZ All Blacks eliminated from rugby world cup in quarter finals. 2007–10–07.

Posted in Spanish: ¿Quién dijo que todo era lindo? (Who said that everything was beautiful?). 2007–10–03.

Listening: Greatest Hits by Björk. 2007–10–01.

Quote: ‘No one can become really educated without having pursued some study in which he took no interest’ — T.S. Eliot. 2007–10–01.

Listening: Under the same moon by Cary Lewincamp. Relaxing and transports me to Saturday morning in Salamanca Market. 2007–09–25.

Doing: preparing lectures and teaching like mad. 2007–09–25.

Posted in Spanish: Autobuses (autobuses). 2007–09–24.

Listening: Louise Attaque by Louis Attaque. Nice music, although I hardly understand anything out of the lyrics: Je ne parle pas français. 2007–09–07.

Posted in Spanish: La oficina de tren de carga (The office of freight train). 2007–09–07.

Posted in Spanish: Gélido en bicicleta (freezing in a bicycle). 2007–09–07.

Posted in Spanish: Desde el futuro (from the future). 2007–09–06.

Listening: Mr Clarinet by The Buddy De Franco Quartet. Excellent. 2007–09–04.

Listening: ‘Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish’ in a compilation of ‘Safe as Milk’, ‘Trout Mask Replica’ and ‘Lick My Decals Off, Baby’ by Captain Beefheart. Real poetry (see lyrics). 2007–08–29.

Listening: Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzolla as performed in the Lausanne Concert. Insanely great, painful. 2007–08–28.

Posted in Spanish: Los libros de la buena memoria (Books of the good memory). 2007–08–23.

Listening: Blood sugar sex magik by Red Hot Chili Peppers. An old favourite of mine. 2007–08–22.

Posted in Spanish: Sopaipillas (sopaipillas). 2007–08–15.

Posted in Spanish: Una verdad fundamental (a fundamental truth). 2007–08–13.

Listening: Live at Starbucks by Ray Brown trio. Excellent performance. 2007–08–09.

Listening: Live at Scullers by Ray Brown Trio. Fairly solid performance. 2007–08–07.

Posted in Spanish: Baños públicos (public toilets). 2007–08–07.

Listening: Inti-Illimani Grandes Exitos. Favourite songs: ‘El Mercado Testaccio’, ‘Tatati’ and ‘Mulata’. 2007–08–03.

Posted in Spanish: Roles: el malo de la película (roles: the bad guy of the movie) and Geometrías (geometries). 2007–08–02.

Posted in Spanish: Plegarias (prayers). 2007–07–25.

Listening: Silent alarm by Bloc Party. 2007–07–25.

Posted in Spanish: A vuelo de pájaro (as the crow flies). 2007–07–21.

Posted in Spanish: Atragantado o por qué escribir un blog (choked or why write a blog). 2007–07–21.

Listening: Discipline by King Crimson. Favourite songs: ‘Elephant talk’ and ‘Thela Hun Ginjeet’. 2007–07–20.

Posted in Spanish: Evolución de la identidad (evolution of identity). 2007–07–20.

Posted in Spanish: En defensa del idioma (in defense of our language), pecados capitales: gula (deadly sins: gluttony) and metro (subway). 2007–07–19.

Posted in Spanish: Un país imaginario (an imaginary country). 2007–07–17.

Good purchase: five.ten ‘prodigy’ shoes. Comfortable, excellent high-friction sole. Way better than my old Salomon shoes. 2007–07–13.

Word to play for a week: catalects, n. pl. sense of Latin catalecta, name of a collection of short poems ascribed to Vergil; also, fragments or detached pieces. Definition from OED. 2007–07–05.

Please someone kill the iPhone! That thing is flooding internet. 2007–07–02.

Reading: The wind-up bird chronicle by Haruki Murakami. I am half-way through and thoroughly enjoying it. Highly recommended. 2007–06–30.

Death and taxes: the usual suspects of certainty. Both showed up during the last seven days. 2007–06–29.

Listening: Madre en años luz, an old favourite of mine by Luis Alberto Spinetta. I managed to find it in a music shop in Santiago for NZD 7. Unfortunately was the only Spinetta recording in the whole shop. 2007–06–23.

Back from Chile after 23 hours. Flight delayed three and a half hours, missed connection, legs not feeling very well. LAN Chile is getting in my black list. 2007–06–20.

Listening: Blues & Roots by Charles Mingus. This is a beautiful album, where Moanin’ and Tensions are my favourite pieces. 2007–06–13 (2:30 am in Concepción, Chile).

I will be moving a lot for the next couple of weeks, with uncertain access to internet. It is better to assume that there will be very few — or not at all — posts to this site during this time. 2007–06–08.

Currently my favourite mechanical pencil: Staedtler Triplus Micro. Easy to grab and light. 2007–06–07.

Listening: Rush in Rio. Total madness. I would love to be in a concert like that, although the sound quality of the recording is quite poor. Good thing that I bought it through iTunes, because I could not justify the expense of 3 CD. 2007–06–07.

Reading: a moving account of addiction by Mark Pilgrim. 2007–06–05.

This year I have done more DIY work than in the previous forty years. 2007–06–05.

I just realised that I have access to the electronic version of the Oxford English Dictionary through my university library (from anywhere in the world!). Dream come true, but when I win the lottery I will buy a proper copy. 2007–06–02.

My three year old son started correcting my English accent. Life will be difficult now… 2007–06–01.

I am again testing Thunderbird in my mac. I do not like the icons and the lack of integration with Address Book, but it would allow me to have a synchronized version of my Google Calendar in my laptop. 2007–05–30.

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