ASReml · Old Updates

This page was last modified on 29 May 2005, at 19:21 NZST

Updates before 2005

2004/Jul/20 :: Included ASReml manual in the site.
2004/Jan/18 :: Analysis of clonal trials (thanks to J. Costa e
2004/Jan/06 :: Correction to spatial modelling through the G
               matrix and link to ENV in resources (thanks to G.W.
2003/Dec/31 :: New index and style.
2003/Sep/30 :: Updated download information.
2003/Sep/24 :: Spatial analysis of unequally spaced individuals
               (thanks to A.R. Gilmour).
2003/Jul/04 :: Additional explanation in longitudinal analysis.
2003/Jun/19 :: Updated contact information.
2003/Jun/13 :: Updated of email list and messages archive (yes,
               on Friday 13).
2003/Mar/14 :: Updated of download information.
2003/Feb/10 :: Licensing information.
2002/Dec/31 :: Cosmetic changes to the whole site.
2002/Oct/11 :: Corrections in data tips page (thanks to G.E.
2002/Sep/12 :: Changing page design to increase usability.
2002/August :: On holidays.
2002/Jul/31 :: A few more resources.
2002/Jul/18 :: Extended explanation of spatial code.
2002/Jul/12 :: Page with additional resources.
2002/Jul/11 :: Cosmetic changes to a few pages.
2002/Jul/11 :: Barebones spatial analysis code.
2002/Jul/05 :: Extended example on random regressions.
2002/Jul/04 :: A bit more on random regressions.
2002/Jul/03 :: Extended explanation of longitudinal analysis,
               including random regressions.
2002/Jun/21 :: Extended explanation for covariance structures
               (see under univariate analysis).
2002/Jun/15 :: Updated data tips (Jeremy: how to get starting
               values for multivariate analysis).
2002/May/28 :: Updated univariate analysis (covariance structures).
2002/May/08 :: ASReml job anatomy.
2002/May/07 :: Multiple sites as multivariate.