ASReml · Obtaining AS Reml

This page was last modified on 02 February 2009, at 15:22 NZST

A trial version (30 days) of ASReml can be obtained from VSN’s International web site. Licensed users can upgrade to newer versions from the specific update page. An alpha development ASReml 3 version is available here.

The latest version of the software can be used as a standalone program or be called from the S+ or R statistical packages. There are separate PDF User Guides (manuals) for standalone and S+/R use, which can be downloaded from

You can also download the User Guide from this site (PDF, 1 MB).

I need to confirm what is the current way to subscribe to the ASREML list

There is an ASReml users’ email list. Once subscribed, you can email the list using Some of the old messages can be found at There is also a web forum.

Since 2002, ASReml users also need to acquire a license to use it. The current costs for single licenses are 195 (academic), 425 (not for profit) and 558 (commercial). Check here for current exchange rates: There are discounts available for multiple copies and site licenses. The payment system has then moved from a ‘purchase a license, pay a small maintenance, no academic pricing’ one to a ‘rent the software (like SAS), higher cost for commercial licenses, reasonably priced academic licenses’ one.

All queries concerning purchase/licensing of ASReml need to go to You can also visit the official ASReml site for additional information.